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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

“Acts of God”

Why do we call a Category 5 hurricane that hits the Philippines an act of God?  They believe that this terrible event that has possibly killed over ten thousand people is something God did.  Are we saying that God is like us?  Does He have a hobby that makes Him happy?  Do we really believe that every once in a while God needs to, “get it out of His system” and wipe out ten thousand people?  That seems like something a sick human would do but it doesn’t seem consistent with so many of the stories we have about the time Jesus spent with us and who He really is.

Can you really see the same Jesus that healed lepers (who everyone else was afraid to touch) destroying a Christian nation?  Jesus cared so much for a prostitute that He stood up between her and an angry mob.  How can we blame Him for the immense amount of suffering that women, men and children are experiencing now?

That isn’t the God I know!  The Jesus that I have met cares about individual people.  He cares when they are hurting or when they need glasses.  He actually cares about the small things.  I shake my head in disbelief when people on this beautiful garden we call earth kill one another in the name of God.  I can imagine God in Heaven yelling “No! Stop! Don’t do that! Don’t hurt each other!”

It was God Himself who gave us the commandment “Do Not Kill Each Other!”  He was teaching us that EVERY life is valuable and should be cherished.  That includes everyone in your neighborhood and everyone in the Philippines.

A real “Act of God” is something even more extreme from human behavior.  An “Act of God” would be something more like being kind to a rude person.  Being gentle to the woman who cut you off in traffic or being kind to the guy you work with who likes to say cruel things to you.  Kindness towards those who don’t deserve it, now that’s something my Jesus would do, that is truly an act of God!