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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good News and Great News...

We have some good news and some great news...

First the good news -- we now have heat on in the church as we have replaced our old furnace thanks to the excellent service provided by Handy's Heating in Burlington.  We now have a high-efficiency furnace installed that is 98% efficient in comparison to our old one which was ~40% efficient.  In addition, when we removed the old furnace we found many cracks in the heat exchanger which could have resulted in CO (carbon monoxide) entering the building!

Old Furnace Heat Exchanger

Now for the great news -- the water will be turned back on the week of December 9 which means we should have a toilet installed for the weekend of December 14.  With a little luck we should have the recent set of remodeling completed by Christmas, so stay tuned!